Race to Zero: How to Define a Sustainability Plan for Italy

Race to Zero: How to Define a Sustainability Plan for Italy

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"Race to Zero: How to Define a Sustainability Plan for Italy" brings together the most important players at national level for the energy, mobility, and digital sectors: the goal is to facilitate a dialogue and develop together an effective plan to transform national and local infrastructures for a sustainable future.

Two different thematic panels will take place on the same day: the first one will be dedicated to “The Future of Green Infrastructures”; the second panel, titled “Empowering the Change in our Cities” will debate how cities can morph into net-zero emission ecosystems that lift living standards for their citizens.
A common theme debated in both panel will be the importance of digital solutions to enable the ecological transition in Italy.

Both discussions will feature leading speakers, ranging from C-level executives at national utilities to policy makers and environmental activists. Hitachi will also present in-depth research developed in collaboration with Boston Consulting Group Italy on how to further reduce its carbon footprint.

This event aims to be a catalyst in the implementation of a sustainable agenda for the most impactful Italian companies, making a concrete contribution the ecological transition of our country.

This event is part of the All4Climate - Italy 2021, a series of event contributing to the Pre-COP 26 Agenda.

Click here to download PDF file with the complete agenda.

Roberto Cingolani
Minister for the Ecological Transition
Italian Republic

Maria Chiara Carrozza

Ernesto Ciorra
Chief Innovability®️ Officer
Enel S.p.A.

Laura Cozzi
Chief Energy Modeller

Vera Fiorani
Rete Ferroviaria Italiana S.p.A.

Marco Frey
Global Compact Italia

Arrigo Giana
ATM S.p.A.

Nikolaus Lang
Managing Director & Senior Partner

Renato Mazzoncini
A2A S.p.A.

Cosma Panzacchi
Executive Vice President Hydrogen
Snam S.p.A.

Alistair Dormer
Executive Vice President, Chief Environmental Officer
Hitachi, Ltd.

Lorena Dellagiovanna
Vice President and Executive Officer, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
Hitachi, Ltd.

Claudio Facchin
Hitachi ABB Power Grids
Vice President and Executive Officer
Hitachi, Ltd.

Andrew Barr
Group CEO
Hitachi Rail
Vice President and Executive Officer
Hitachi, Ltd.

Andrea Cabrini
Managing Editor
Class CNBC (moderator)